Facilitator: Yvonne Sembene

By & with: Lyza Schwab, Dinaly Huhn, Yohanna Berhe, Amaralina Schmidt

Funded by the Berlin Project Fund Cultural Education and Produced by akademie der autodidakten at Ballhaus Naunynstraße. With the friendly assistance of NaunynRitze.

The way in which we meet and live together is severely curtailed from the outside. Movement and reaction patterns are stored deep in our bodies. They shape our togetherness. Which movements can help us to make new connections, to create a social contract based on empathy?

Sometimes it happens: I feel like I’m standing next to myself. How do I get back to myself? Connected to my own body. How does one manage to be strongly connected to oneself? What if you stand next to me? Very close, right next to me? Are we connected then? With our own body? With other bodies of Colour? What can happen when we are connected in movement?  

From October 2021 onwards, Black women and women of Colour came together for a dance and movement workshop. Led by the dancer Yvonne Sembene, they dealt with the body as a medium of communication and dealt with the interrelationship between one’s own body and others. The focus was on the empowering access to one’s body, the playful use of newly developed and tested means of expression, as well as the development of a common language of movement.