Natur im Femininen

Research residency in partnership with Theater Kampnagel Hamburg.

Funded through TakeHeart Residency program.

“Nature in the Femininen” is a research project at the intersection of Ecofeminism, Eco- and Afrofuturism exploring the junctions that exist between social constructs of femininity and how humans coexist with nature.

The aim of the residency is to make sense of the dualities between our relationship to the environment and the female body and understand what it means to be revered and disrespected, feared and shackled, perceived as both a burden and a ressource, an icon and a dump. Which qualities are ascribed to nature and femininity that allow both for resilience and exploitation?

The departure point is be a study on plant lore and mythology, representations of femininity in religious and spiritual doctrines, as well as contemporary works on afro-centric ecofeminism and ecofuturism.