Concept & choreography: Nasheeka Nedsreal
Performers: Amada Tinoco, Black Pearl, Christon Fulama, Christopher Saint Laurent, Gabrielle von Wäre, Yvonne Sembene
Dramaturgy: Jasco Viefhues
Dramaturgy assistance: Lerato Shadi
Light design: Emilio Cordero Checa
Stage design: Zé de Paiva
Sound design:Sky Deep
Assistance stage & costume: Valdelicer Silva-Löbling
Assistance choreography: Uriara Maciel

Production management: Harmony Leveque

Produced by Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH, financed with funds from the Capital Cultural Fund.

Othermothers* raise children. They hold the social fabric together. They shape the future.

The mother role does not need a biologistic justification. We owe a lot to bigger sisters*, aunts*, grandmothers*, female* role models! But what? What struggles have Black women* faced, what do they inherit? What fears and desires did they have and still have? What course have they set? Mothers* and Othermothers* - through them we have become who we are. With their support we have learned to walk and talk. And what do we pass on ourselves?

JUNCTIONS asks about the compatibility of care and self-care, about strategies of emancipation, about diverse, strong alternatives to biological bonds, about "maternal" collectivity and solidarity. JUNCTIONS is dance. Nasheeka Nedsreal develops this intermedial dance performance from interviews, from her own biography and the experiences of the performers and their Black environment.

Black motherhood appears in JUNCTIONS as a model in which the "mother" is not understood as a biological and individualistic concept, but as a social and collectivizable one. Black women and their knowledge, their care work, their resistances and emancipations become visible as forward-looking forces. JUNCTIONS brings untold stories to the stage and performs speculative futures. For Othermothership is a transformational technology.