Zero Budget
Supported by Famalam Film Fest

PERFORMERS : Patric Lindström,  Kuloued Hassan, Peer Liening, Collin Edina Leach, Munetsi IamShowman, Lennard Dzudzek, Elio Coulibaly, Yvonne Sembene
Music Artist : Caxxianne,
Music Production : DJY,
Beats by : Prodbydistro,
Artistic Direction : Yvonne Sembene
Director of Photography : Zé de Paiva
Camera Assistant : Kathleen Kunath
Production : Yvonne Sembene

In the wake of the protests for racial justice following the murder of George Floyd, a few members of the black dancing community of Berlin came together for one day only to share a safe space and create a non-profit dance short honouring the victims police brutality and celebrating the statement of Freedom that is pursuing art as a black person.
All proceeds from this video will go to Intitiative Shwarze Menschen in Deutschland e.V. - a non-profit association that have made it theirtask to represent the interests of black people and migrants in Germany-, and Black Brown Berlin - a commmunity platform aiming to amplify the voices of black creators and community organisers in Berlin. You can follow the links in the description for ways to donate. If you would like to support our work please like this video, share it with people around you and leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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