Artistic Direction, Concept: Tanja Bombach
Choreography: Jos McKain/Phoenix Chase-Clarke
Sound: Simone Antonioni
Lights: Nindya Nareswari
Set Design: Diego De Ramon Sanchez
Production and creative assistance: Mia Alvizuri Sommerfeld
Dramaturgy assistance: Patty Hamilton
Performers: Stephan Quinci, Peer Liening-Ewert, Nina Burkhardt, Phoenix Chase-Meares, Lena Kilchitskaya, Jos McKain, Camille Jackson, Yi-Wei Tien, Evan Loxton, Natalie Abbott, Susanne Engbo, Alistair Roe, Dan Su, Saori Hala, Florian Schlessmann, Andrea Olivia, Yvonne Sembane, Marcus Louend, Aaron Burrows
Graphics: Matthias Neumann
Song by Biosim, Kveja, Title: "-"

CATALOGUE OF DISGUISE is a serial event and part of the fashion program at TRAUMA BAR UND KINO. The series invites performance artists, designers and the audience alike to renegotiate who we are. Its an attempt to generate a cultural perception of fashion that enables us to look beyond traditional runway settings to formulate an interdisciplinary approach to present fashion with performance. Working in an intersectional way these projects support the Berlin creative scene and provide a platform for emerging fashion designers.

In continuation of the previous project, COD II reflects upon the idea of identities being captured within representations of themselves in our hyperconnected digitalized world. This work examines the traps of disguises and their expanded surroundings while experiencing a fickle and unsettling relationship to reality. In this site-specific performance, a horror state of pervasive anxiety and loss of control starts to haunt these escapist traps.

The audience moves through four different worlds of disguises and narratives, each simultaneously looping in different locations of TRAUMA BAR UND KINO.

Presented collections by:
Laura Gerte
Don Aretino
Timur Gapurov
Tanja Bombach