Regie: Anja Kozik
Screenplay, Video: Cécile Wesolowski
Tanz: Luana Rossetti, Alessia D Ìsanto, Yvonne Sambene, Polyxeni Argyri
Sound: Modem&Acoid
Licht, Video-Mapping: Mateo Ziethen
Water and lava, at first glance two opposing elements, are in their function indispensable for the formation of the earth in its unity. In OXYMORON's new production, water as a life-giver and lava as a form-giving force are the starting point for an associative journey through the history of the creation of the world: from the origin, through volcanic movements and the flood from which life emerges. The journey ends with modern man and the question of how to restore harmony between man and nature in the age of individualism. The project is characterized by a remarkable complexity, which is due to the interdisciplinarity of the participants: the French artist Cécile Wesolowski first designed the scenography and costumes and the producer duo Modem&Acoid produced the sound. The four dancers then developed a choreographic form together under the direction of director and choreographer Anja Kozik.