Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste

Premiere 10.2.23 to 11.2.23

Choreography  / Performance: Yvonne Sembene, Julian Keller
Production : Patric Neves Lindström
Dramaturgy : Aïssa Sene
Scenography assistance / outside eye : Fernande Njonkou Njanjo
Choreography assistance : Zoé Afan Strasser
Lighting design : Emese Csornai
Costume design : Astan Meyer, Soulemane Mare
Music : Yvonne Sembene

CA$HBABY is a solo dance work exploring historical and contemporary questions of black femme identities and their relationality to money. Constantly shifting perspectives between historical narratives and perception of the self, the stage becomes a subconscious space going in and out of projections of realities, dreams and aspirations, embodied past, present and future. From labor and commodification to strategising communities, knowledge and healing, the work uses fantasy and play to deconstruct the meta-narrative and generational memories around black female bodies and money.

Photo : Marion Borriss